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MAGIP Board Elections

MAGIP elections are held annually in the spring. The primary purpose for elections is to elect incoming members of the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors may bring additional initiatives (e.g. revisions to the MAGIP Bylaws or Constitution) to the membership for a vote during annual elections. Annually, Nominations open for Board Positions in April so that Elections can be finalized prior to the June Board of Directors Annual meeting.  

You must be a member of MAGIP to vote in the elections.  Please visit the MAGIP Membership page if you would like to join.

2024 MAGIP Elections 

Results  |  Schedule  |  Open Positions  |  Bylaw Amendments  |  Nominees

The 2024 MAGIP Board of Directors Elections will be held April 27 - May 12 at 5pm.

If your MAGIP membership is up to date, you should receive your e-mail ballot on April 27.

The ballot is sent using Wild Apricot (the email may appear to be sent from and is unique to each MAGIP Member. If you are a MAGIP Member and you do not receive a ballot, please check your spam and junk folders, and then contact MAGIP to have one sent to you.

Nominations closed at 5pm on April 22

2024 Election Results


  • April 8 - Nominations Open/Send Out Call via email and on MAGIP website
  • April 22 - Nominations Close 
  • April 29 - Election Opens (via email)
  • May 13 - Election Closes
  • May 21 - Election Results ratified at Board Meeting 
  • May 28 - New Members Officially take office
  • June 18 - First Board Meeting for new Board Members

Open Board Positions

Vice President - Elected to three (3) year term (Vice President, President, Past President)

  • As Parliamentarian they need to be aware of bylaws and meeting procedures
  • Step in for presidential duties when necessary
  • Help plan MAGIP Events and Promote MAGIP

Web Administrator - Elected to a two (2) year term

  • Maintain an active, current, and informative website
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures
  • Provide administrative access to web pages
  • Research all aspects of technology to share info/ideas within the website
  • Report updates at the Board Meetings

Member Development Chair - Elected to two (2) year term

  • Ensure that the continuing education needs of the membership are met, GISP certification assistance
  • Liaison to social media person
  • Oversees the mentoring program and GIS Day activities
  • Report Updates at Board Meetings

Conference Liaison – Elected to two (2) year term

  • Responsible for planning and coordinating the annual GIS conference
  • Responsible for the assembling the conference committee
  • Report Updates at Board Meetings

Note: All Elected Members of the Board must be MAGIP members in good standing for their entire period of membership. Meetings of the Board shall be held at times and places specified by the Board, but there should be no less than four (4) board meetings per year.  Board members must attend at least one (1) board meeting in person.

Constitution & Bylaw Amendments to be Voted on by the Membership

The Montana Land Information Advisory Council (MLIAC) made some changes this past legislative session, one change being the name. They are now known by The Montana Geospatial Information Advisory Council (MGIAC). Our By-laws need to reflect this change by changing every instance of MLIAC to MGIAC.

Meet the Nominees

Vice President

Web Administrator

Meghan Burns, Montana State Library

Meghan Burns has been a GIS Analyst and the Montana Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) Administrative Boundary Theme Steward with the Montana State Library since 2015. As part of the Water Information Team, she also helps manage data for the Elevation and Hydrography themes. Meghan has been a MAGIP Member since 2008. She served on the MAGIP Board of Directors as Secretary for two years (2011-2013) and a three-year term as the Vice President, President, and Past President (2013-2015). She has been serving on the Conference Planning Committee and as the MAGIP Web Administrator/Web Subcommittee Chair since 2016. In her free time, she loves to ski, bike, and hike.

Member Development Chair

Helena Paris, Pickett 

Helen Paris is a GIS Manager and innovator who leverages GIS to solve complex problems across a diverse array of fields, including mining, mineral exploration, environmental science, and engineering. Her diverse skill set, coupled with her passion for innovation and cross-disciplinary problem-solving, sets her apart as a leader in the field of GIS. Helen holds a Master of Science degree in Earth Science and is a certified GISP. Additionally, as a licensed Professional Geologist, Helen brings valuable experience in mineral exploration, and wellsite geology to her role. Not only is Helen committed to using GIS to solve real-world problems, but she is also passionate about growing the presence of GIS in her local community and helping expand opportunities for young GIS practitioners through professional development opportunities, community engagement, connection, and outreach. Helen believes that our young GIS professionals are the future of our science!

Conference Liaison

Matt Blassic, Great West 

Matt Blassic is a GIS Analyst, who has been working at great west for going on 5 years. Prior to working with Great West, I worked as a GIST with DNRC Trust Lands Management Division as well as remote sensing technician with AASO at the University of Montana. Although I am in the private sector, my favorite aspects of my job revolve around meeting with colleagues and clients alike and getting to interact with people from all over the state.

In my free time you can find me skiing in the backcountry, running on a trail, or following a bird dog on the prairie.

Jeff Hedstrom, Montana State Library 

Jeff Hedstrom is a GIS Analyst at the Montana State Library in Helena. His primary focus includes maintaining the Cadastral and CadNSDI datasets within the MSDI framework. Prior to joining the MSL team, he was the GIS Coordinator for the City of Great Falls for six years. He has served on the MAGIP Board as the Professional Development Chair from 2016-18 and as Vice President/President from 2020-23. During his time on the board, he helped organize the Montana Salary Survey and was one of several advocates for MAGIP re-branding their conference and migrating towards hosting an annual conference. He helped plan (as co-chair) the Intermountain GIS Conference in 2016, the first ever to be held in Great Falls. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences (concentrating in GIS) from Montana State University in 2012 and a Master of Professional Studies in Geographic Information Technology from Northeastern University in 2019.

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