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2022 MAGIP Elections

    Election Results

    • Vice President: Jeff Sprock, City of Billings
    • Conference Liaison: Haley Jurecki, Axim Geospatial

    • Member Development Chair: Mike Eidum, MDT
    • MAGIP Bylaws Changes MAGIP’s Bylaws to Article II, Sections 1 and 4 - PASSED

    Thank You and Congratulations to the Candidates!

    Open Board of Directors Positions

    Nominations closed April 25, 2022 for the following positions: 

    Vice President - Elected to three (3) year term (Vice President, President, Past President)

      • Parliamentarian – be aware of bylaws and meeting procedures
      • Step in for presidential duties when necessary
      • Attend Board and committee meetings
      • Help plan MAGIP events
      • Promote MAGIP
    Member Development Chair - Elected to two (2) year term
      • Ensure that the continuing education needs of the membership are met, GISP certification assistance
      • Recruitment of new members and retention of existing members
      • Oversees the mentoring program and GIS Day activities
      • Report Updates at Board Meetings
    Conference Liaison – Elected to two (2) year term
      • Responsible for planning and coordinating the annual GIS conference
      • Responsible for the assembling the conference committee
      • Report Updates at Board Meetings

    In addition to filling these roles, the board is also proposing changes to MAGIP’s Bylaws in Article II, Sections 1 and 4.  Please review the specific changes, which are highlighted in this document.  At this juncture, we would ask for your review to get acquainted with the changes. The elections for both the new board members and this proposed Bylaw revision will open May 2 - May 16.

    If you have any questions on the nominations or proposed Bylaw changes please reach out to the Election Committee: Michael KruegerJeff Hedstrom, or Meghan Burns for more information.

    Meet the Nominees

    Vice President - Elected to three (3) year term (Vice President, President, Past President)

    Jeff Sprock joined the City of Billings as GIS Coordinator in 2020. He has a background in GIS, local government, natural resources, and biology. Sprock’s work experience includes city administration, GIS administration, and wildlife management. In addition to work experience, Sprock has served on the Nebraska GIS/LIS Association Board, Nebraska GIS Council, Western Nebraska GIS Working Group, Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska Board, Public Alliance for Community Energy Board, Panhandle Area Development District Board, Nebraska Municipal Power Pool Board and the Western Nebraska Economic Development District Board. Sprock is a graduate of Ottawa University (Political Science and Biology) and holds a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Nebraska Omaha. He enjoys hiking, disc golf, learning about the history/culture of Montana, and spending time with his family.

    Conference Liaison – Elected to two (2) year term

    Haley Jurecki serves as the GIS Technician for the City of Helena in the Public Works & Transportation departments. Since 2020, she has been responsible for developing and maintaining layers related to city-owned utilities and transportation assets as well as administering the departments' work order management system. These duties require careful time management and organization skills, which would come in useful while helping to coordinate future conferences to best fit the group's needs. Moving mid-pandemic was a challenge, but she is eager to become involved in MAGIP and create connections throughout the state.

    My name is Brendan Wiltshire, and I am a planner by nature. I work for Stillwater County as their GIS Coordinator. I've been in Montana for about one year, and I am looking for an opportunity to be more involved in the Montana GIS Community. As the Conference Liaison, I can get my feet wet in the GIS community and do something I enjoy doing: being a planner. I can put my talents to use for the board to help them with the following two conferences and provide them peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

    Member Development Chair - Elected to two (2) year term

    Mike Eidum is a GIS Analyst at Montana Department of Transportation since January 2019 where he curates enterprise GIS data, manages GIS based projects, and creates custom maps for internal and external customers. Mike develops and educates others at MDT about GIS best practices, methods, and procedures of data collection, and improves upon existing workflows. Before joining MDT, Mike spent two summers volunteering with the Montana Conservation Corps, where he led a crew of 6, performing wilderness trail work. Mike graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography with a certificate in Geographic Information Systems and a focus in Community and Environmental Planning. While attending the University of Montana, Mike had an internship in transportation planning at the Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization. In his free time, Mike enjoys backpacking, hiking, skiing, woodworking, and renovating his home. Mike has been a member of MAGIP first as a student, and now as a GIS Professional. Mike looks forward to the opportunity (if elected) to serve MAGIP as Member Development Committee Chair. 

    Garin Wally is the Software Application Specialist for the City of Missoula Building Department. He currently maintains and configures the city's permitting database. For over four years he was the Planner / GIS Analyst in the Long Range Planning division and moved to Building to expand his technical database skills. Although the move has greatly reduced the GIS in his life, he tries to keep his skills sharp employing open source GIS libraries in his professional and personal Python projects. One such project is the Developable Lands Model for estimating the buildout potential for new units around the City of Missoula. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in geography from the California State University, Chico (2013); and a Master of Science in geography from the University of Montana, Missoula (2015). In 2022, he met a bunch of excellent GIS folks at his first Big Sky GeoCon and decided to become more involved in expanding this wonderful geospatial community. As a nominee for Member Development Chair (and a chatty extrovert), he is excited to facilitate outreach and professional mentoring. Outside of work he loves to float the Clark Fork, car camp (backpack when possible), and tinker with his synthesizers.

    Additional information on the elections, current Bylaws, and the board can be found at the following link.

    Additional Election information can be found on our Election Overview page

    Contact MAGIP for more information


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