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Naming Replica's in ArcGIS

  • 04/04/2011 3:53 PM
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    A good tip tip for users of Replicas in ArcGIS...

    When naming replica's in ArcGIS it is good to note the following:

    1. What dataset(s) being replicated.
    2. What type of replication is occuring (i.e. 1 way | 2 way).
    3. What databases are being used.

    Keep in mind that you are limited to ONLY 32 characters in this name.  Which makes it difficult to follow the above steps.  This was the source of some technical issues that held me up for a few days.  Esri's error messages weren't very helpful in deciphering the issue.

    More information: http://resources.arcgis.com/content/kbase?fa=articleShow&d=35045

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