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Better colors in Firefox browser

  • 03/16/2011 3:50 PM
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    While pursuing some web development I came across a discussion from photographers about color profile support in the Firefox browser. A feature that is missing from IE and Chrome. In fact, the discussion indicates that Chrome will actually degrade the color profile.  I haven't checked that out.  In any case, here is an article and the download site for adding color profile support.  Those maps you have been making may even look better, and you can begin to run your own comparisons.

    Article on topic: http://www.dria.org/wordpress/archives/2008/04/29/633/

    Add-on download: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/color-management/

    If anyone creates some map display comparisons, I'd like to see the examples. Word is that support for color profiles may eventually appear in other browsers.

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