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External GPS Receivers for Tablets

  • 03/09/2018 8:42 AM
    Message # 5933229

    It looks to me after seeing all this data that the R1 seems to have the best consistent accuracy. It also seems like the Bad Elf is right there with the R1 even in the tree cover when holding it in the correct position. If it was up to me I would stick with the Bad Elf for the money if it meets your accuracy specs on paper.

    We could potentially look into post processing the data from the Bad Elf too. 

    • Overall, the bad elf seemed to have slightly less accurate area and line collection than the Trimble R1.
      • This can be seen for especially for the playground area collection where the bad elf collected uneven lines despite walking in a straight line.
      • However, collection did seem to improve while holding the bad receiver directly out in front while walking.
      • Also, there does appear to be some discrepancy with the aerial projection.
    • The Trimble R1 picked up satellites quicker and also more configurations.
      • With the latest version of Collector, we also saw improvement with ‘GPS Averaging’ when collecting a line.
      • However, as was pointed out an earlier email chain, the R1 overestimates it’s accuracy 100% of the time.

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