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Special Interest Groups

User groups of any special interest relevant to the MAGIP Organization, and comprised of current MAGIP members in good standing, are encouraged to meet together within the MAGIP community to share ideas, collaborate on projects, exchange technology and develop standards and procedures among their special interest. 

Once such a collection of individuals exists and the outlook appears favorable for sustained participation, the members may petition the MAGIP Board to be recognized as a formal Special Interest Group (SIG).

Special Interest Group Petition (pdf)

The MAGIP Board will review the petition and vote to accept the creation of the SIG.

Acceptance by MAGIP provides the following benefits and assistance from the MAGIP organization:

    • Announcement of the SIG by MAGIP to all the membership
    • A dedicated place and presence under the MAGIP web site for posting news and events as well as membership contacts for all members to collaborate
    • Relevant SIG news may be provided to the MAGIP Board for updates to the web site or write access may be granted to a SIG point of contact
    • Access to the MAGIP board in an advisory capacity that may affect policy, standards, work plans, etc.

SIGs will be invited to provide updates to the Board for regular Board Meetings and work meetings.

MAGIP can manage any funds that are specific to the individual SIG and conduct transactions or payments at the request of the SIG membership.

Local Government SIG

The Local Government SIG exists to connect and support those users facing the specific needs and challenges of local government today

Local Government SIG Members

Local Government Discussion Forum

Lidar SIG

The Lidar SIG exists to connect and support members facing specific needs and challenges working with Lidar

Lidar SIG Members

Lidar Discussion Forum

Python SIG

The Python SIG exists to connect and support those users actively involved in developing, or interested in learning more concerning the Python Programming Language for GIS and IT functions

Python SIG Members

Python Discussion Forum

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